Steve is by far the most handsome of the gang of four called surfers with attitude. Comparable in his style and effortless only to the late Sean wait I’m wrong that was  what I intended to write about Martin . Let’s start again with Steve.I think the best word to describe him is the villain from the James Bond movie Skyfall. do you remember him? he tries to invent a machine which enables him to stop sleeping at all. I think Steve is in possession of this machine. it’s unbelievable to meet somebody who just starts driving  in the middle of the night through the whole night from Belgium to Munich just to ride to the Eisbach in the morning at 4o’clock. Only to decide to drive back in the evening to Belgium of Course. getting up at 3o’clock to drive to Langerfeld etc. etc. it’s pure dedication what Steve’s put in about everything he does. without him the whole project would have never happened. getting in touch with the manufacturers , getting the boards from the port in Antwerp, selling them out of the trunk of his car and reminding all of us to do our work ,like being the father we were all missing in our lives. Steve this is not only the evil mastermind beyond the whole project, but he isone of the most nicest and humble guys I’ve ever met. I love you Steve