The hardest one to describe as there are so many aspects to this fascinating guy ! the easiest way to put it in words would to be simply copy his description on the www.interpol-mostwanted.com but that would be lazy (and he is innocent until proven otherwise !) all kidding aside, there do are so many aspects of him that makes everybody listen … amongst us he is the man with the vision, the man with the plan (shitty plans are also plans), the guy who sees the bigger picture (at his age that is mainly due to his huge glasses)….. Whenever the creativity spirals out of controls, the ideas pile up and opinions grow, he is the one with the final and last word, which in general comes with a decent dosis of black humor. When minds tangle and somebody needs to step up and take an executive decission, Karl will lead the way.. he might have the mind of 16 yo in the body of a hmmmmm… 45 yo (ssssst, always be nice to the elderly) but when you see him on the wave, always giving it his best, never taking safety turns and always pushing his limits and inspiring others to go above and beyong, you will see that there are many 16 yo who can only whish they could keep up with our big man, Karl