Where to start on how to describe Martin ? Well, every group of friends should have one Martin (yes, only one, more than one would be way too much)… cause whenever you go on a road trip he is not only allows one of the first to agree to join (and always to last to show up !), he is also that guy who is always full of energy, charged at 100%.

Which is an amazing quality cause he will almost always be the last one standing on the wave, or the party but even before going to bed at 4 o’clock in the morning, he will still take out his laptop and like a good professional answer his mails and finish up some work…. And then again get up as one of the first, just to go to the shop and make breakfast for the others…. And that is why we love Martin in the evenings and hate him in the morning 😊

Although he is a fucking huge guy, who will ripe your arm off if you give him a highfive, he is the most gentle, friendly, positive giant there is !! and those are just the nice this he told me i had to say about him… all kinding aside, a man whos laughter is as strong as his hugs, who never stops laughing and enjoying the good times…. If you dont know him, this paints a good picture… if you are a man, if you are a woman, then you probably already know him as the guy stalking you on tinder 😊