Have you ever heard the expression « a wise man once said…. » ? well, statistically speaking at some point there must have been something in there that Michael said ! yes, also cause he does is a wise man, but mainly cause i think there is nothing he has not ever said as he never ever stops talking once he is on fire. And Michael has such an ambition, such drive and commitement that he is always on fire… founding father, CEO, and mastermind behind laydaylayday, and all his tremendous work at the DWV, all testify to his goalgetter spirit… he is the one that makes sure the other stay moving forward (yes Michael, we know, there are always deadlines) and have some structure…. He always speaks from experience, with passion and creativity… small small pointers for having a conversation with Michael : raise your hand like in school when you want to say something or he will never stop talking… and turn on the subtittles cause well sometimes his English…. (a tip, you might not understand it, but it actually is English)